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How to Convert Videos Online?

Sometimes you download or record a video in a certain format, but in order to edit, import, or share it, you need to convert it. There are many video encoding formats, such as .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .flv, .3gp, etc. Some of these are good for files with small size, some are focused on preserving the high quality of films, so you have to understand your priorities before starting the conversion.

Equally, there are plenty of programs that you can download to convert your videos in a variety of formats. It works best for people who have to do this task on a daily basis and who want to avoid difficulties such as size limits. However, the majority are interested in online methods as they’re the easiest — you don’t have to download or buy anything there.

The Reasons Why People Want to Convert Videos

Almost every person has to convert a video at some point in their lives. For example, you might need to make the size of your video smaller to import it to your phone. It can be done simply by converting the video to .3gp, which is a mobile video format. You might also have something like a family album of videos, and it easier when all files that are stored there have the same format.

Finding a Place to Convert Videos: Avoiding Difficulties

With the help of the Internet, you can easily find websites where you can convert your videos. However, be aware that some sites have a limit for the uploaded files, meaning that you cannot exceed the size limit value. Many sites offer you to pay some money to eliminate these limits. Certain video formats are not supported by some websites, so pay attention to these issues.

How to Convert Video Step by Step

There are 4 basic steps that you’ll have to follow to convert your video online.

  • Choose a site through your browser;
  • Make sure that the video’s size is smaller than the limit value: most sites have this info listed on the front page in bold, so you’re unlikely to miss it;
  • Choose the video format that you want to convert your file into;
  • Click “convert” or a related button.

After that, the process of converting will start and you’ll have to wait for a while. Usually, the waiting time doesn’t exceed 5 minutes. On most websites, the download starts automatically, after the process of video converting ends.

Converting videos online is a simple thing that can be easily done by anyone. Don’t forget that on the Internet, you can also download different programs for converting videos instead of doing it online, especially if you have to work with converting daily. If you need to convert one or a couple of videos only, though, online methods will suit you best.

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