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Best Computer Video Editing Apps

In our modern world, people want to not only record videos and share them with their friends, but also to improve them with the help of editing. However, for the most efficient editing, special editing programs are needed. There are many great editing apps that can be downloaded on PC, with some of them being free and others costing money.


Vegas, also known as Sony Vegas, is one of the most popular programs for editing videos. The first version of this app was created in 1999, and nowadays, it has 16 versions. You can buy one of the latest programs on the official Vegas website for 50$, with the package including the classic VEGAS Movie Studio 15 (for Windows only). In addition, there is a free trial version for 30 days. This program is a multipurpose one; it’s extremely helpful for both professionals and beginners. With the help of this app, you can:

  • Easily crop videos;
  • Add special effects;
  • Improve their quality significantly;
  • Add different titles and texts;
  • Adjust sound volume to the extent you need.

There are also many other functions you can execute with Vegas. You can find lots of helpful videos, courses, and instructions on the Internet that will help you sharpen your technical understanding of them. Vegas is a professional app for editing videos and only for 50$, you will get permanent access to it.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an equally popular editing app. In fact, many people think that it is even better than Sony program. You can get this app on the Adobe official website for the price starting with 21$ per month. After paying, you will get the program itself, 100GB of cloud storage, different Adobe fonts, and your own Adobe portfolio. There is also a free trial version that you can download through the website. Premiere Pro can be more complicated for beginners than Vegas, but for professional video editors, it is a superior choice.


  • Premiere Pro has much more tools for editing;
  • Vegas is easier for beginners and has a simpler interface;
  • Premiere Pro is more expensive, which will suit you best if you plan to use your editing program for longer than a month;
  • Vegas requires less computer resources than Adobe app;
  • Vegas is only suitable for Windows while Premiere Pro can be downloaded for MacOS, too.

Both programs have different characteristics, so pick the one that fits you best. If you intend to edit many videos, you should try both of them. Just download the trial version and make your choice afterward!

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